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Chris Widener

Chris Widener
55 Mt. Olympus Dr. NW
Issaquah, WA  98027
(425) 391-5894
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Chris Widener is an example of how anyone can overcome any odds to achieve a successful life and help others achieve the same. Chris has overcome many obstacles... living through his father dying suddenly when he was four, being sent away from his family to live with relatives at age nine and becoming involved with drugs and alcohol by the age of twelve. Chris overcame those obstacles and has for the last ten years worked with some of the most financially successful families in America, helping them to achieve both personally and professionally. Now he can do the same for you!

Dare to Dream!

Do you have a dream inside that you want to let out and live? Then let Chris help you!

Dare to Dream will help your group see the possibilities that lie within them. They will experience the understanding that they can change themselves, their communities, and their world.

Three keys to living out your dream.

The four reasons most people donít ever achieve their dreams.

How to deal with people who say it is "impossible."

The five step plan for making your dream a reality.

Dare to Dream (Again)

Are you looking back and wishing you had lived that dream you once had? You still can, so letís get moving!

Dare to Dream (Again) re-ignites the passionate flame that used to burn inside to do the impossible, to make a difference, and to change the world. You will learn...

The "golden reason" you must pursue your dream.

Conquering the biggest mountain you face -- Risk.

How to get started today!

A six point, step by step plan for simplifying your dream and achieving it.

Secrets of Successful Teams

Do you wish you could get your team on the right track and working as a successful unit? Secrets of Successful Teams will put you on the fast track!

Find out how to turn your team into a winner with...

The seven secrets every successful team functions with

The top three ways to foster communication and teamwork.

The best way to motivate "players" at every level

Essentials of Time and Personal Management

Find yourself or your organization out of time and not getting the job done like you should? Chris Widenerís Essentials of Time and Personal Management will help you do the following:

Understand the 6 most important foundational reasons for managing your time

Learn the secret to self-management

How to establish and keep priorities/ Your Personal Plan

A quick-start guide to get goiní... immediately!