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Jim Cecil

Jim Cecil

The James P. Cecil Company, Inc.
1402 - 140th Place NE
Suite 200
Bellevue, WA  98007
(425) 641-3333
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The James P. Cecil Company, Inc. acts as your architect, general contractor and coach to re-engineer the sales and marketing functions of client companies.

As a blue-ribbon team of specialists and alliances, they operate as a customer- relationship technology-management consulting firm based in Bellevue, Washington. The James P. Cecil Company, Inc. (JPC) counsels your executive team on establishing productivity-enhanced marketing and selling programs that increase revenue, decrease customer turnover, and leverage marketing dollars in a measurable and cost-effective manner.

Jim Cecil, founder and president, is an acknowledged leader in the field of loyalty marketing and customer-relationship strategies. Cecil addresses conferences and meetings, and conducts strategic sales process training sessions for corporate teams and individuals.

Cecil is an expert observer of trends in marketing and selling. His development of the Nurture Selling Process is the result of a need he saw spring from dynamic changes in the business-to-business sales process beginning in the late 1980's. It became clear that the sales cycle is growing longer each year while cold-calling has ceased to be an effective form of selling. The impact of traditional media marketing is diminishing. Cecil has discovered a cure for the common cold call -- it is Nurturing!

A Cure for the Common Cold Call

As a strategy to developing new business, the database-driven, Nurture Selling Process has time and again proven its strengths and cost-effectiveness. As a way to proactively maintain and nurture relationships with valuable existing customers, it has proven a powerful and simple tool for building loyalty and enhancing customer retention. This is particularly important as, according to a Harvard Business School study, nearly 70 percent of business-to-business customer defections are due to nothing more than a general feeling of indifference by the customer. Marshall Field said, "Customers invariably go back to a place of where they have been made to feel special."

The Nurture Selling Process helps you to properly target key business constituents, prospects, customers, clients, influencers and employees alike. Learn to automate the process of building, maintaining and enhancing nurturing relationships with these critical contacts using powerful, affordable database-driven software.

Jim Cecil is one of the top resource speakers for CEO groups such as The Executive Committee (TEC) and Financial Advisory groups like the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP). He works personally with clients of all sizes, from AT&T and Microsoft to growing entrepreneurial businesses.

The James P. Cecil Company, Inc. is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who deliver consulting services in a variety of ways from one-day hands-on group marketing workshops to small group and individual consulting. This team also provides ongoing consulting and Nurture Process plan development, implementation and measurement. In addition the James P. Cecil Company, Inc. distributes database marketing software. Affiliated with various computer solution providers around the country, they provide software and hardware implementation services to clients specific to their unique needs.

Whether your communication media is snail mail or e-mail, voice mail or phone tag, door-to-door or Nurturing, it's all about communications. Success in the future will go to those who master the ability to Nurture critical constituents.