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Claude Diamond

Claude Diamond

Diamond Consulting Group
539 Telegraph Canyon Road
San Diego, CA  91910
(619) 421-4121
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Claude W. Diamond is known as "The Mentor."

Why? Because he is credited with teaching so many people from around the world his Principles of Success, Real Estate, Wealth Creation and Happiness, just as his Mentor taught him. Claude is a self-made Millionaire and loves it (who wouldn’t?), but he is the first to admit that he owes it all to his Mentor.

"I would be flipping burgers and running the Slurpy™ Machine if it wasn’t for Max!"
-- Claude

He is a person committed to improving the quality of peoples’ lives on a One- on-One basis only. Why? Because it works. Just as his Mentor did when he worked with Claude to enable him to become successful, Claude is committed to do the same for others.

"Life is too short to drink cheap wine and drive a used Yugo!"
-- Claude

His motto has always been Success, One Person at a Time. He is an innovator of Personal Success Mentoring and Wealth Creation and utilizes his unique Mentor approach to enable others to find their greatness in life. Mentoring is the application of Coaching, Consulting, Motivation, Focus, Good Business Sense and Experience. He is not into crowded, expensive seminars.

"The only thing you get from walking on Hot Coals is a Hot Foot!"
-- Claude

Based in San Diego, California and Winter Park, Colorado, Claude, with his wife Claudia are the founders and CEOs of C C & R Property Investments, Inc. and The Diamond Consulting Group. Together they publish two international newsletters, The Lease Purchase Times© and Success Stories©. Claude has authored Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century© and Mentoring to Millions©. His best selling and acclaimed audio tape sets Lease Purchase Success© and Sales, The Million Dollar Skill© are part of a growing series of tapes that he is producing.

Claude holds a degree in business and has a Doctorate in Law. He is a world renown speaker. He addresses investment clubs around the United States and has spoken at national seminars and conventions on the subjects of Lease Purchasing and Real Estate Investment, Personal and Business Achievement, Wealth Creation and of course, Mentoring.

Here's your opportunity to learn from the undisputed Master of this Art & Science of Wealth Creation, Personal Achievement, Sales and Peak Performance (and have fun while doing it)!

Find out why so many people from all over the world have benefited from his unique approach and why Claude is called "The Mentor."

Success, One Person at a Time !