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Gary Ryan Blair

Gary Ryan Blair

The Goals Guy
911 East Klosterman Road
Tarpon Springs, FL  34689
(727) 934-6647
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Gary Ryan Blair is "The GoalsGuy" a nationally recognized authority on goal setting and personal strategic planning. Through his speeches and books he teaches people how to set goals and design strategies for the creation of a meaningful life and legacy.

Gary is the president of GoalsGuy Learning Systems, a highly specialized training and consulting firm that teaches people of all ages the art of goal setting. Gary has created numerous world class products and services known as The GoalsGuy Library. The GoalsGuy Library consists of resources for children, teenagers, college students, and adults.

To support his belief in the importance of goal setting, Gary has established and sponsored two nationally recognized events: Kids' Goals Education Week, a special week for children to learn about goal setting and its influence on their future, and New Year's Resolutions Week, a seven-day series of activities designed to encourage people to set goals for their lives. He also established the Personal Excellence Award, which has become known as the "Oscar" of personal mastery.

Gary believes that goal setting is one of the most important and probably the most neglected life skill. He shares this belief and his unique goal setting strategies with school systems and companies such as IBM, Xerox, General Electric, Federal Express, Kodak and many others.

His personal philosophy can be summarized into two words: Everything Counts! Gary believes and teaches that every action and thought moves you towards or further from your goals.

When Gary speaks and writes, he does so from the heart, with warmth and humor. His unique gift is to speak to an audience and communicate with the heart of each person as if they were alone having an important, intimate conversation. A polished storyteller, he has a way of making the seemingly complex, easy to understand.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and consultant, Gary holds black belts in two martial arts disciplines and competes in triathalons.