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Ralph Marston

Ralph Marston

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I am competent and comfortable when it comes to technical details. Yet I am driven by the big picture, with an approach that goes beyond merely solving problems, to recognizing and exploiting opportunities. My focus is always on providing value, by using technical tools in the achievement of strategic, bottom-line, business-oriented objectives.

A broad technical competency and depth of real-world business experience, have enabled me to provide value in a variety of challenging roles and assignments.

Website development

My approach is to build content-rich sites, with a focus on performance, substance, interactivity and meeting objectives. By offering unique, useful and extensive content, that's organized in an easily accessible, interactive format, websites can attract widespread, sustainable traffic growth.

Recent projects:

"Shopping cart" website for online merchant with more than 120 catalog items. Created all web pages and graphics, developed forms and scripts for secure payment, installed and customized CGI scripts. Provide ongoing site management.

Developed custom software for online publication management and distribution. The web-based system automatically filters and accepts subscription requests, sends e-mail acknowledgments, accepts and pre-screens credit card payments, updates distribution list, and compiles a daily report of new subscribers, which is e-mailed to the publisher. The system also performs e-mail distribution of the publication.

Created an innovative method for increasing website exposure and traffic. Currently provides widespread, no-cost, targeted exposure which would cost more than $3,000 per month if purchased in the form of banner advertising.

Online searchable claims office directory for insurance company. Also developed complex web-based employment application form and online claims assignment forms.

Major website development projects include:

Sports collectibles catalog

Daily Web/E-mail publication

Insurance adjustors

Cosmetics retailer

Residential lakefront property

Window tinting

Writer & Publisher

I have written extensively about direct marketing, internet marketing and personal development. My work has been featured in numerous online and offline (print) publications.

The Daily Motivator, which I write and publish online, has paying e-mail subscribers in all 50 states of the US, and in more than 35 other countries around the world. Thousands of others read this brief inspirational message each day on The Daily Motivator website, which attracts more than 150,000 hits per week, and which has been featured by USA Today as a "Hot Site".

My Thought For The Day, a short summary of The Daily Motivator, appears on more than 500 websites, and is read by someone, somewhere every 12 seconds, 24 hours a day.

The Daily Motivator is now broadcast each weekday evening as part of a positive-oriented radio program. Selected messages from The Daily Motivator are being used in inner city schools, in programs serving at-risk students who have many personal problems, including gang related issues and teenage pregnancy. Material from The Daily Motivator is also being used as part of a college course curriculum, and in numerous other educational institutions.

Publication support

More than eleven years experience in providing technical, design and editorial support for a variety of print publications. Worked for more than five years with a 5,000-member professional association, resolving issues related to electronic page composition, and providing technical support to staff members. I played a key role in the transition of the association's publication from manual paste-up, to delivery of artwork to printer electronically. This resulted in reduced costs, faster turnaround time and improved quality.

Have worked with numerous other organizations to produce publications such as theatre programs, newspaper and magazine advertisements, product packaging, brochures and flyers, professional journals, books, convention materials, training manuals, slide presentations, newsletters, forms, and others.

I've been using Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop on a daily basis for more than 10 years, and have developed an extensive understanding of the complex graphics and typography issues involved in print and online production.

Sales & Marketing

Marketed custom imprinting services to meeting planners nationwide. Implemented a sales strategy utilizing personal presentations, direct mail, telemarketing, newspaper and trade magazine advertising. Developed a highly loyal customer base including state, national and international trade and professional associations.

Sold equipment and materials to manufacturers in the semiconductor and computer industries. Customers included Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices, Texas Instruments, IBM, Schlumberger, TRW and Tracor. Developed extensive product and applications knowledge in a highly technical field.

Responsible for obtaining and servicing $3 million contract to provide plastic housings for use in the IBM DisplayWriter dedicated word processing system. Pioneered the marketing of fiber optic cable to oil well service companies to deliver high-bandwidth communication in grueling oil well environment. Played a key role as customer liaison in the development of a low-noise interface for use in semiconductor wafer test applications.

Worked as inside sales engineer for manufacturer of electronic equipment for the graphic arts industry. Supported field sales force, answered customers' technical questions in writing and by telephone, and supported a large international monthly mailing list.


I have provided consultation and training in the areas of Internet marketing, MacOS instruction, electronic pre-press, publication layout and Website development.

Served on advisory board of a start-up firm marketing web hosting services to individuals and small businesses. Played a key role in formulating product offerings and marketing plan.

Developed and presented 6-hour workshop on Internet marketing. Co-authored 200-page training manual for use in conjunction with the workshop, and later developed an additional 200-page manual on web traffic building techniques.

Was a featured speaker in November 1996 at Promovendas '96, a marketing and media conference in São Paulo, Brazil.