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Rick Butts

Rick Butts

Safari Adventure Company, Inc.

Colorado Springs, CO  80970
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Rick Butts is a much in demand professional motivational speaker and author with a very unusual background that includes, lumberjack, rock and roll guitarist and singer, corporate sales trainer, financial consultant, pig farmer, founder of 3 successful businesses, and author of the Safari Chronicles Trilogy. Rick also attended seminary and founded and pastored a non-denominational "blue jeans" church in Texas.

Rick's spellbinding seminars and keynote speeches are "out of this world," filled with powerful insights wrapped in amazing stories and punctuated with hilarious quotes and one liners. Solving modern challenges by using the metaphor of adventure, business professionals come away with pages of high content notes, techniques, and A-Ha's for solving the challenges of what Rick calls, the " 21st Century Jungle." Attending one of Rick Butts' programs is truly a unforgettable experience.