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Edward Klein, M.D.

Edward Klein, M.D.

Edward Klein, M.D.
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Dr. Ed Klein's scientific expertise, spiritual awareness, and openness to new avenues for healing attract large audiences.

Dr. Edward Klein may have been one of the most unlikely candidates to have the secrets and potential miracles of past-life regression revealed to him. He is a traditionally-trained psychiatrist whose accomplishments had been enviable, though certainly not revolutionary ... until one fateful day in 1982.

What had started out as an exploration into a client's childhood, using the technique of age regression, became -- startlingly! -- a regression back through The Ages. The client had, quite unexpectedly, bypassed her current childhood, responding from a vantage point some 2,000 years earlier.

Like so many of history's great explorers, Ed Klein had not been hunting for treasure when it presented itself to him. But when it did, he knew he had to explore further, despite the fact that accepting the possibility of past lives flew in the face of his scientific training. Now, the healing potential of past-life regression has proven itself many times over, not only in Dr. Klein's pacesetting work, but to a ground swell of other physicians, researchers, and clients.

Dr. Kleinís scientific expertise, spiritual awareness, and openness to new avenues for healing make his appearances a must for audiences -- skeptical and otherwise -- who want news from this frontier. His keynotes, interactive presentations and seminars are riveting, presenting us with the possibility of learning from past lives to achieve today's real-life, life-altering solutions.