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Action Item for Ad Account

This is a reminder about your Action Item: "I will make 5 cold calls today", (Title: 5 cold calls today)

This Action Item helps in accomplishing your Support Goal, "I will increase my sales activity to reach my goal" (Sales Activity)

This will in turn help you to achieve your Major Goal, "I will book $500.00 by 01/10/00. This will require 20.0 contracts averaging $25.00 each.", by 1/10/00.
Your reasons for your Major Goal, Increase My Sales, are:
   I want to increase sales to boost my business, therefore earning more money.
   I want to lead by example so that others see what I'm doing and will know what to do.
   I want to increase sales in order to find more prospects for my business.

If you are taking action on this item now, GREAT!!! If you need some help getting Motivated, don't feel bad, stop by the site and visit the Motivate Me Now! area, or CLICK HERE. It's sure to help.

Have a great day!

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